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In this day and age where travel to the corners of the globe is relatively easy, there is an immense choice of countries to choose from for that bolthole in the sun. Either for retirement or for that second home. Portugal is one such country that ticks all the boxes and comes close to the top of the list for many people residing in northern Europe.

Just look at some of the advantages.

A lower cost of living. A short flight from the UK, Scandanavia,Holland, France, Germany etc. A member of the EU. For English speakers it can be home from home as English is widely spoken in the Algarve in most shops, garages and restaurants. English is the only language you will need. Of course it is nice to speak some Portuguese but in truth the Portuguese love to speak English and they are very good with languages in particular with English and French.

Hospitals and medical services, have an excellent reputation and there are reciprocal agreements with many countries. It is also easy to locate a local dentist . For pet owners too there are lots of vets.

Violent crime is extremely low. Portugal is a safe country to live in. Above all of these advantages mentioned, there is one overriding factor which in a nutshell is… YOU ARE WELCOME ..

Portuguese people welcome foreigners, they are also very polite and charismatic.  BEM VINDO