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Pod House

Hope you like our Pods!
Here is their description:

Pods are transportable units, made of solid wood of Nordic Pine. A very practical solution, following high standards for interior comfort. Durable and resistant, the Pods provide the conditions for a great proximity to
nature. They are, therefore, perfectly suitable for touristic units, as in COTTAGES, NATURE TOURISM PROJECTS, CAMPING PARKS and GLAMPING. Their wood is environmentally certified, and also have an excellent insulation with
rockwool, which when combined with the wood structure, makes the indoor temperature and humidity stable and pleasant all year round, to ensure an absolute rest during the holidays.

Available Models:

Exterior Dimensions: 2,56m x 3,94m + Deck
Interior Dimensions:: 2,32m x 2,70m
Ceiling Height: 2,10m

Exterior Dimensions: 2,83m x 4,77m + Deck
Interior Dimensions: 2,66m x 3,52m
Ceiling Height: 2,20m

Exterior Dimensions: 3,06m x 5,09m + Deck
Interior Dimensions: 2,83m x 4,15m
Ceiling Height: 2,77m

This unit includes sanitary installations.
This unit includes sanitary installations, heating system, couples bed (mattress included).
This unit includes sanitary installations, heating system, kitchenette, couples bed (mattress included).