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A building developed thinking on the quality and comfort of our guests Main advantages of our buildings: – High-quality materials – Modern Architectures – Areas Optimization – The highest level of thermal and acoustic insulation – Preventive cracks Construction – Quick Launch Several years of development in engineering with a focus to provide our customers the best solution for the most important purchase of their lives. Our daily challenge culminated in the creation of Casas-LowCost project where we challenge our visitors to come to us for know our solutions. In addition to building our mission is to help you save and clear up all kinds of questions so you get a house to your needs.


Isolation begins at the root of your home. With the use of Geo-textile and Extruded Polystyrene eliminating thermal terrain transmissions to the concrete base. This coating makes union with the wall closing the whole house so as to reduce points of thermal break. Her house thus becomes a temperature accumulator and not dissipative which will give you a huge advantage in terms of energy consumption for heating or cool your home.


What are the materials used in our construction Masonry? Our type of masonry construction is composed of several materials like the traditional construction, including reinforced concrete, and cement block. However, for the construction to be lighter are used together plasterboard and insulation on the outer face of the outer wall, usually referred to as “Cappotto” and the cover is in tile type “sandwish”.


10 years warranty The warranty period of construction is expected in legislation, currently under Decree Law No. 18/2008, dated January 29, Article 397 The work guarantee 1 – At the date of signing of the provisional acceptance begins the warranty period, during which the contractor is required to correct all the defects of the work. 2 – The warranty period varies depending on the defect of the work, as follows: a) 10 years in the case of defects in structural building elements; b) five years in the case of defects in non-structural building components or technical installations; c) two years in the case of defects in equipment related to the work, but it autonomiz├íveis.